A house for the perfect home.

“We don’t renovate spaces, we transform them”.

We strive to deliver the place for everyone of you & us projecting ourselves to embark on your dream for a beautiful living space with the hope that at the end of our journey together,
we may present you an artfully-curated sanctuary to call your own.


Sharon Chia, Facebook

Express my gratitude towards Design Avenue and will definitely recommend Joanna Wee for her awesome work and friendly disposition.

Ruru Cindy Choong, Facebook

My husband and i shared similar tastes but had a hard time merging our many designs together. Our awesome designer, Arthur, perfectly merged our unique taste into perfect layout.

Abraham Liu, Facebook

I like to compliment designer Arthur. He is very responsive and assisted my clients on their needs which they are satisfied with. We are thankful for his services.

Your New Home Awaits

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